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We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved!

2017 is here and there are Big Changes at Snips.

We’ve wrapped up our holiday season, and we are enjoying the unusually warm weather. 

Our new website is live, with a smooth look and fresh intuitive features. Both established and prospective clients will find it easier than ever to connect with Snips, plan projects and arrange maintenance services. Much thanks to our friends at Epoch Avenue for their work and patience in the re-design process.

Talk about burying the lead: Snips has moved! Our new home can be found here:

605 Chantler Road
Fenwick, ON
L0S 1C0

We’ve taken over a gorgeous plot of farmland, with plenty of space to sprawl out and grow. Not to say things didn’t get a bit hectic. A business can amass a LOT of strange items over the course of a few decades, and ‘packing’ quickly turns into ‘Just Throw It All Out!’ But we managed to hang on to the important things, with no loss of life.

We’re settling in now, restoring and converting one of the barns to a spacious shop and storage. The barn we are restoring is a bank barn well over 100 years old and will take some elbow grease and a bit of shopping for antique beams and lumber.

Having a space like this to escape for a little walk on your break is the best way to stay sane through the winter. The creative juices are flowing with new designs and ideas to give the Chantler Rd property the ‘Snips’ touch. The property has a great layout, mature trees and lots of existing perennials, so we are definitely looking forward to starting on landscaping improvements in the spring.

So: New Year, new season, new digs, and a new portal to the world wide web. Besides creating a landscape design for our new spot there’s nothing to do now but sit back and wait for the blizzards to hit.

Make sure you check out the pictures of our new property in the gallery below!

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