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Where’d We Go?

What’s happening at Snips?  Throughout the summer our trucks could be seen driving through the Niagara Region, but as the weather changes you may not see us out and about as often. Truth is, we’re still here and busy as ever!

During the winter months our trucks are fitted with plows, salters and shovels, and are making the rounds in the wee hours of the morning (we’re talking 3:30 a.m. on a regular day).  So, while most people are still asleep, our boys (and girls) are ensuring our client’s properties are plowed, shoveled, and salted as required.

Snow removal is serious business, and important for daily commutes and personal safety. At Snips, we are always accepting new snow removal contracts, so if you’re interested in a quote please give us a call at the office: 905.892.9690 or an email: We’ll be happy to visit your site, whether it is commercial or residential, explain all the options, and put together a quote. Our staff are trained in snow clearing and ice control techniques.

Any unique requests or needs are listed in our site plan books which are located in each truck, so we can cater our services to any location/circumstance. Before the season starts, the crew visit each site to familiarize themselves with location and potential obstacles. All of this and more is in place to ensure a successful snow clearing season for our clients.


“We’re always up when the snow comes down!”

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Laura DeGraff
Sales & Marketing

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