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Winter Driving Safety Reminders

Winter is definitely upon us. It’s always exciting and scary during the first few snow falls of the season. For all of us Canadians driving in wintery weather every year is typical, but many of us seem to “forget” how to drive in the snow at the beginning of each new winter season.

Driving in wintery, snowy weather can be quite difficult at times. Icy road conditions can cause even the most experienced drivers to end up in the ditch or worse a fatal collision. You may be driving perfectly fine one minute and then in a blink of an’ve hit another car, stop sign, guard rail, hydro/telephone pole, etc…. before you even realizing it is happening.

We can all use a few reminders when it comes to winter driving. Here are a few tips about winter driving:


  • Decrease your speed - you may not necessarily even drive the posted speed limit – those signs are meant for dry pavement conditions
  • Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front
  • Brake gently to avoid skidding
  • Don’t over-correct the steering wheel if you start skidding – this can actually make the situation worse
  • Make sure all lights on your vehicle are clean – so you have better visibility as well as it helps other vehicles to see you!
  • Make sure your windshield is clean as well - ensure you have lots of windshield washer fluid too
  • Don’t use cruise control when roads are wet, slushy, icy, etc. as it may cause your vehicle to hydroplane out of control
  • Never pass a plow truck or salting/sanding truck – their visibility may be limited. Also the road is most likely worse in front of the truck so you are better off to stay behind, remembering to leave space in between
  • Most importantly – if you don’t need to leave home – DON’T! Stay home if at all possible


 photo winterdriving_zps2fbbe73a.jpg

 photo drivingconditions_zps1f277519.jpg

 photo winteraccident_zps9dd94b5d.jpg

For more information you can take a look at the MTO website. They have a detailed booklet all about winter driving.

Stay safe!

Tasha Beck
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

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