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A Summer to Remember @ Snips

Most people's summers consist of sneaking away for a family vacation, spending time poolside or at the beach, picnics, BBQs and just generally enjoying the outdoors. Here at Snips, it is a little different. Summer is one of the busiest times of our year!

While you may think we are just cutting grass and weeding garden beds, you would be sadly mistaken. Sure, those are two very important areas of work, but we are also designing garden beds, building decks, laying interlocking brick walkways and retaining walls, installing green roofs, improving lawns with sod or seed, fertilizing ... to name a few. All of these areas of work involve attention to detail and lots of physical labour. Sometimes the work can be easy, and other times it can be more challenging.

One aspect that we have no control over is hot summer days. While frequent water breaks are a given, our manager came up with another idea to motivate our employees, a little healthy, fun competition if you may, called "A Summer to Remember @ Snips". The task, should we choose to accept, involved being split into groups and given the task of taking creative photos throughout the work week with our sign. The pictures were then submitted to a unbiased panel of judges and the winning team received a $200 cash prize... not too shabby.

Here are some of the submissions with 1st prize going to one of our grass crews for cutting the Snips logo into the grass at one of our business locations.

Snips Logo Cut into Grass

Snips Sign holders

Interior Plantscaping from Snips

In the Weeds at Snips

Just a Trim please @ Snips

Whether you work indoors or out, a little positive re-enforcement and encouragement from management goes a long way for company morale. Let us know what you think of our creative staff, or how you cope with summer at your workplace.

Laura DeGraaf
Sales and Marketing

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