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Cooler Weather

The last few days have been a lot cooler.

For some it is a welcome relief from the heat and humidity, for others it's a foreshadowing of what's to come. Regardless of which side you are on, it got us in the office at Snips thinking of fall.

When the cooler weather approaches, you can often find people winterizing their campers, motorcycles, boats and cottages. Fortunately we aren't at that stage just yet, but what a lot of people forget about are their garden beds. Winterizing your garden beds helps plants survive the long cold winter and produce healthy flowers come spring. If a garden bed has been winterized, you will find you have less to do in the spring so you can enjoy the nice weather right away, and who doesn't want that! You can do it yourself, or call on the experts at Snips to lend a helping hand.

Regardless, be sure to rake up fallen leaves, then chop, clip, cut and clean your plants, making sure to remove plant debris (this will help prevent pests and disease). Water/hydrate any evergreens to keep winter burn at bay, and finally spread mulch to protect soil and plants over the winter months. Your plants will thank you and you can enjoy them stress-free come spring.

Here at Snips, we offer a number of different fall services from leaf cleanup, garden bed maintenance, fertilizer application and winterization of garden beds. All of our services are completely customizable to your needs, wants and budget.

So when the grass starts to grow slower, and the cooler weather approaches, if you need some help give us a call. We will be happy to give you some free advice or come out to your property to complete a quote... just don't wait too long our list for fall cleanups is already filling up!

Laura DeGraaf
Sales and Marketing

Preparing Gardens for Cooler Weather

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